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Fighting Bowel Diseases One Day At A Time

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  • Ulcerative Colitis Causes Gingivitis, Mouth and Teeth Problems

    Firstly let me say there’s not going to be any real images of teeth or dentist or medical stuff etc in this post. I have a real phobia of teeth, dentist and clinic environments, doctors and nurses. Yes, everyone say they are scared of the dentist but my phobia is like someone who has a…

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  • What Is Ulcerative Colitis?

    Some of you may already know what Ulcerative colitis is and some of you won’t. So, cast your mind back to school and let me give you a biology lesson. I found this handy diagram above that’s going to help us out. We are looking at two areas; the rectum and the large intestine also…

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  • A Long Time In The Making

    I’ve thought about making a blog and sharing my fight with bowel diseases for many years. My problem has always been where do I start? As a story writer it should be easier enough. Writing is pretty much what I try to do most days – though at the moment that doesn’t happen as I’ve…

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